A Quick Overview | The Contents Of AssassinFX

Are you looking to participate in an online Forex forum? Are you looking for Forex eBooks, indicators or trading systems available for download at no charge? Are you looking for honest reviews for Retail brokers? Are you looking for descriptive practical methods to make money online? If your answer is yes to any of the questions above, there is no doubt you have come to the right domain. We admit that Foreign Exchange is an amazing business – the biggest in the world. The statistics displayed by 100forexbrokers(.)com suggest that there is a huge increase in retail Forex brokers globally and to us that implies there’s millions of retail traders/entrepreneurs. We have built this domain with entrepreneurs and people looking for a second income in mind. If that defines you – Welcome to AssassinFX!

We have structured our domain in three sections

The Forum Section

Trading can be a stressful business at times, causing traders to revert in negative thinking. We created this forum for entrepreneurs to spread positive communication through starting threads in our forums, at the same time counter acting the stresses of ups and downs in the business. Our mission is to provide them with a safe environment to allow for growth as a community. We currently have five sub-forums: Online services, NYSE/JSE stocks trader, let us talk Forex, cryptocurrency trader and binary options. We have attempted to be broad to invite more members at the same time kept the context of online trading intact. We are confident that you will get feedback when you write your thread in our forum!

The Blog Section

We currently have five categories: eBooks, how to guides, Forex broker reviews, Forex trading systems and indicators. We created this blog for the love of the Industry with our main goal to provide free resources for entrepreneurs. We assumed that they needed eBooks to constantly grow their knowledge base and we aim to close that gap. We are confident that you will find value in this blog as you get to download and learn what other traders are doing at the same time figuring what you will do.

The Website Section

AssassinFX Domain have provided some of all the resources entrepreneurs and investors need to succeed  through the content available on our blog and forum. We have researched the best Forex brokers offering cheap spreads, variable account types and quality customer service. Based on the qualities of our research we partnered with few best performing brokers on a small business affiliation relationship, they agreed that all customers signing up from AssassinFX automatically get recognized as high priority customers(VIP). The rewards of this deal varies from broker to broker, but we are satisfied because it means savings for the AssassinFX family.

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