If you are new to the net you’re probably wondering, what is an affiliate? how do people make money from it? even better, what do you need to make it work? For the sake of this review I will not be giving text book definitions but tell you exactly how I do it.

First of all I had to figure out how to market. My mind map included a social media page, online forums, blogs and websites. I couldn’t use all of these traffic channels at once due to personal limitations, like the rich man said ” take the stairs”. I opened a social media page and started publishing content with my links embedded in posts.


My job is to bring clients to the company, when clients are happy with the service to the point of depositing funds, I get paid commission as promised. CM Trading affiliates get paid $300 per client on their first deposit. New affiliates also get a dashboard that looks like the one above, my ultimate goal is to increase the o’s on the right. Excuse the 0’s on the right, it was the first day of a new month, stats get restored to 0’s every month. With the aid of my mind map I expand traffic channels so that the numbers can add up.

I know right now you’re probably thinking do you really get paid or it’s just one of the fungazi schemes out there. During the first week of every month, the IB department gets busy processing the stats, on the second week of every month they send all the invoices to the financial department, on the third week your paypal tells you got money.

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Join my elite team today, if you are not sure where to start just send me an email or comment below, I will help you by all means.

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