The Gartley Trading Method

The Gartley trading method uses similar ideas from the harmonic trading method. Does the harmonic patterns initially produced by Scot Carney inspire you? They inspire a lot of traders around the market community. Take a look at how Ross Beck trades the Gartley pattern.

On top of all trading strategies and systems, book writers never forget to mention the psychological aspect of trading. The very first chapter in this book separates trading myths from reality, perhaps the most important chapter out of the whole book.


This definitive guide skillfully explains how to utilize the proven methods of H.M Gartley to capture consistent profits in the financial markets. With-in every page you’ll become familiar with Gartley’s original work, how his patterns can be adapted to today’s fast moving markets and what it takes to make them work for you.

When you are done reading this book expect to be able to identify and profit from the most powerful formation in the financial markets. You will also be able to apply filters to Gartley patterns effectively increasing probability of success.

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