Forex Trading Systems

The mystery data trading system

The Mystery Data trading system includes colorful buy-sell arrows which indicate the trend direction. It is powerful and unique to predict top

and bottom points. It can be used for Forex, Binary Options, Stock Markets.


First tool is including arrows which are not repainting and not recalculating. Once arrows are appeared in the chart, they will not wink in the current candle. Arrows do not vanish in future. It has an advantage of that it does not make traders confused. Second tool named Histox is the confirmation of arrows. Lost trades are minimized.


The arrows are including alerts of all signal messages, push and email.


After an arrow provides a signal, trader should wait for the second tool which is histogram. If both tools indicate same direction, the trader can safely open a position in trading.


For BUY position, the trader should wait for both the arrow and the histogram being in the color BLUE. For SELL position, both tools should indicate the color RED.

To EXIT position, the trader should wait the opposite arrow or the trend change of the 2nd tool “Histox”.

One thing to never worry about when using this system – It does not repaint!


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