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Download indicators for free here at ASSASSINFX, effectively avoiding the risks of getting scammed by indicator producers who claim high success rate with untested software. All we want you to do is download them, install them and test them. You might find the recipe to get super rich in the process, do not under estimate the possibilities.

We offer them at no cost because we know most people don’t afford them, and most people who afford them don’t  know how to use them, making the community of clients to be in a decline long term, we believe any business with broke clientele base will eventually follow unless it contains smart marketing. That being said it’s a win situation for you because we will never charge a penny for them.


AIS1 Advanced Indicators market view

The Advanced AIS1 Advanced Indicators 1. Purpose Main purpose of AIS1AI is to extend market view. This indicator suits for manual trading. 2. Timeframe Using timeframe depends on trading strategies. For me preferrable timeframes are M1 and M15. 3. Explanations Let we trade. Let we see that AIS1AI displays nearest extremum point at price 1.35169 minimum. … Continue reading


Hill no repaint Arrows 1

The original Hill no repaint Arrows 1 This indicator works for small time frames , and you can use trendlines with it to take the best siganls. A trendline is probably the most basic tool in the technical trader’s toolbox. Trendlines are a useful tool for visually highlighting a trend, and potentially being part of a trading strategy. They are easy to understand … Continue reading