Multiple Time Frames On One Monitor

This is a solution for traders who do not have multiple monitors. It displays multiple timeframes using one monitor.

Below are the options available in each FFX indicator:

  • Select the time frames to be displayed (M1 to monthly)
  • Define the width (number of bars) for each time frame box
  • Alert pop up/sound/email/push
  • Activate/deactivate the alert directly on the chart
  • Modify all the colors
  • Including all the standard settings common in all indicators

Alert triggers

Moving averages: Price crosses MA and/or two MAs cross

MACD: Histogram crosses signal line and/or histogram crosses line 0 line

Stochastic: Stochastic crosses signal and/or crosses in/out OBOS zones

Relative Strength Index: RSI crosses in/out OBOS zones

CCI: CCI crosses defined level and/or stochastic crosses zero line

Average True Range: ATR reverses

ADX: ADX, +D1/-D1 crosses defined level and/or +D1 crosses -D1

WPR: WPR crosses in/out OBOS zones

Momentum: Momentum reverses

Parabolic SAR: Parabolic SAR reverses

Fractals: Fractals reverse

Envelope: Price crosses upper/lower bands

Bollinger Bands: Price crosses middle band and/or upper/lower bands

Standard Deviation: Standard deviation reverses

Ichimoku Kinko Hyo: Price crosses cloud and/or tankan crosses kijun

OSMA: Histogram crosses 0 line

Awesome Oscillator: AO reverses (color change) and/or 0 line cross

Accelerator Oscillator: AO reverses (color change) and/or 0 line cross

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Hercules Indicator For Trading Signals

This is an indicator for buying and selling alerts. It was produced by a specialist Hercules de Vies, it is an all-in-one indicator. You can use it to trade all currency pairs including gold. It works best when used on a 5 minute timeframe. At any time of the day it generates legitimate trades.

Rules are quite simply


Wait until a trend changes

Open a trade on the first up arrow


wait until a trend changes

open a trade on the first down arrow

Set your stop loss from 15 to 20 pips depending on a pairs volatility. If you get stopped out, enter on the next opportunity only if the new entry arrow is higher/lower than your previous stop.

Set your profit target two times your stop loss which makes a 1:2 risk reward ratio, good ratio indeed.

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Aken Candle indicator

Hercules indicator is the future of binary trade prediction. It works well with the major currency pairs and five minutes timeframe.

This is a perfect strategy for beginners of binary options. It is the only reversal candlestick indicator which works on the five minute timeframe.

It works best and designed for metatrader 4 users. With a whipping 81% success rate traders can throw their stress away, it works across all major currency pairs.

Aken candle indicator is your free candlestic counter size indicator. It measures distance between open and close of every candle you see on your graphs. It is mostly used for comparing the amount of pips of the candles to akenpip figure deployed in real time.

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Extreme Fx Profit

This indicator shocks the whole forex community with a whipping 90% winning accuracy. It is a fully automated buy/sell arrow indicator system. See the benefits of installing it in your terminal:

  • Whenever there is a profitable trade detected, it will automatically pop-up an order window for you to enter the trade.
  • It is easy to setup automated buy/sell arrow indicator on your chart.
  • It has over 90% winning accuracy.
  • There is no trading experience required.
  • It works on all MT4 platforms.
  • It works with all major currency pairs.
  • Works on all timeframes.
  • It is flexibly enough to allow a choice for you to enter a trade or to not enter.
  • This system is engineered by an elite team using two decades of experience.


Test it for yourself and remember to tell us how it went for you.

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