Trend line trading strategy

Have you ever wondered why all trading strategies never forget to consider the significance of trend lines? It is because the system works.

Now the question is, how do you use them as your basis for every day trading?

First of all you have to identify the highs and lows of price action. A high is a price bar/candle that is preceded by two bars/candles with lower highs and followed by two bars/candles with lower highs. A low is a price bar/candle that is preceded by two bars/candles with higher lows and followed by two bars/candles with higher lows.


When these highs and lows are identified the next step is to connect these price peaks with a line.


The battlefield is  now complete now it is the time to play smart. Most players look for setups. Below is a fully annotated chart showing how to place orders using trend lines, also how stops are place in the context.


For more in-depth insight on how to use trend lines  as your basis for trading download a free ebook titled “Trendline breakout forex trading strategy” below. The most important benefit of using clean charts is the reduction of stress and confusion, that’s because clouding your charts with indicators doesn’t make the market certain. The only way to make your trading certain is to discipline your risk management/money management, use one volume for a period of time for accurate results.


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ProFx 4.0 Forex Trading Strategy

This is a semi-automated forex trading system which makes profitable trading possible by continuously analyzing technical and fundamental market conditions and provides you with precise entry and exit signals through audio, email and sms whenever a new high probability setup has been detected.


The creators of this system promise value for you based on factors below:

  • It is 100% rule based: Entry, Exit, Take profit and stop loss rules are easy to understand and to follow.
  • Built-in EMAIL,SMS,AUDIO alerts: When the system detects a new high probability trade, it alerts you automatically.
  • For day and swing trading: It is fully adjustable it can be used on any trading instrument.
  • It returns stable profits: ProFx 4.0 has been proven to return stable profits during all kinds of market conditions.
  • It provides exact trading signals: ProFx  4.0 provides you with precise entry and exit signals for maximum trading profits.

Please consider back testing this system before making investment decisions. Leave us a comment and share your experience.