Hercules indicator, Hercules Indicator For Trading Signals,
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Hercules Indicator For Trading Signals

The hercules indicator is used by Forex traders worldwide for automatic  buying and selling alerts through the mt4 plartform. It was produced by a specialist Hercules de Vies, it is an all-in-one indicator. You can use it to trade all currency pairs including gold. It works best when used on a 5 minute timeframe. At any time of the day it generates legitimate trades.

Rules are quite simply


Wait until a trend changes

Open a trade on the first up arrow


wait until a trend changes

open a trade on the first down arrow

Set your stop loss from 15 to 20 pips depending on a pairs volatility. If you get stopped out, enter on the next opportunity only if the new entry arrow is higher/lower than your previous stop.

Set your profit target two times your stop loss which makes a 1:2 risk reward ratio, good ratio indeed.


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Hercules indicator, Hercules Indicator For Trading Signals,

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